Meyhouse - upscale Turkish in Sunnyvale

Open since early 2019 and I hadn’t heard of it until this week when I was looking for places near the Santa Clara Convention Center / Your Name Here Stadium / Great America food desert.

Finally got to this place. Went for the tasting menu ($89) as there were so many choices and that made things easy.

Two grapes I don’t think I’ve had before. Nice, light, fruity, went with everything.

They kept bringing out fresh warm bread throughout. Good stuff.

Mint, lemon, not sure what all else.

Chickpea thing.

Cheese thing with almonds.

Artichoke heart with peeled favas and onions, very nice.

Eggplant with peppers and yogurt, excellent, should have saved some for the meat course.

Assorted boreks. Wouldn’t order again.

Lamb liver. Nice.

Lamb chops, adana? kebab, beef tenderloin? Came with buttered rice. All good. Had two pieces of beef and a lot of eggplant and tomato left over.

Very good baklava, filling was mostly pistachios.

Fun meal with solid service, good value, but some of the dishes I’ve had done better at cheap casual places such as Turkish Kitchen in Berkeley. So overall a bit disappointing since I was hoping the food would be as superior as the service, decor, presentation, and bar.