Michelin comes to San Diego

Bib Gourmand:

  • Campfire
  • Cucina Sorella
  • Cucina Urbana
  • El Jardin
  • Juniper & Ivy
  • Kettner Exchange
  • LOLA 55
  • Solare

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Michelin California guide is out

Addison received 1 star.

Read the comments at the end of this article. Two different takes on the dining scene in SD

Huh! How did French Laundry fare?

(Never mind. I just looked at the Eater link in your post. Looks like no stars at all for French Laundry. How can this be?)

Added 6/5: Alas, I guess I read the link too fast. It was just for SD. Apologies for misrepresenting.

The only 3 star restaurant that didn’t retain their 3 stars is Saison since they have a new chef.

French Laundry retained its 3 Stars according to the article I read

When I saw that George’s at the Cove was not on last week’s announcement of Bib Gourmand, I thought maybe they’d be on the Michelin star list, but no.

I hope they weren’t disqualified because of something like having 3 different levels of dining in one building.

Michelin starred or not, in my book, George’s at the Cove is a rare unicorn of a resto — great food, service and unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean.

I would certainly hope so.

George’s may have no stars and no Bib Gourmand = “The Plate.”

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“San Diegans and the tourists that visit are willing to forego service for lower prices, choose quantity over quality, and prioritize design or view over the gastronomic experience“—from the Eater article DD linked.

Sums up SD pretty accurately.

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it isn’t like we have an overwhelming amount of restaurants on the coastline, seems like a poor excuse. Lower wages vs cost of living, urban density, and transit issues seem far more likely.

Have you seen a “Plate” list? I’ve only come across it on a given restaurant’s page in the M site.