Michigan Hot Dogs again

I know many of you have seen this picture before. We were back in The North Country, Plattsburgh, NY and Clinton county last month and although it was not the focus of the trip it qualified as a sub focus, we as others who grew up in the area make pilgrimages to the various locations selling/serving the much beloved Michigan/Red Hot. It is not a chili dog but we’ve had that discussion sometime ago.

This trip we found to our delight that 2 businesses have gotten smart and are selling the sauce by the pint. I had one freeze 6 pints for me to bring back. I also found a seasoning mix for Michigans in one of the grocery stores. We defrosted some sauce the other night and each had one for supper. Today I am trying out the seasoning mix. It is simmering on the stove top now. I’ve tasted it and it is missing something. I added some crushed red pepper as the sauce from Clare & Carl’s does. I think the tomato profile might be a bit too sweet. I’ll be better able to tell once they are served with the chopped onion and yellow mustard. I think I can work on it. The sauce mix came from A Taste of the Adirondacks, Adirondack Michigan Sauce Mix. They don’t seem to have a web site yet but do have a phone # 518-561-6706.

Another item with the Michigan is the hot dog. Glazier’s is the preferred brand. I did Google up Glazier’s Hot Dogs and found that they will ship to most states and that they also have a Michigan sauce mix. When I order the hot dogs (after we eat what we brought back with us) I’m going to give their sauce mix a try.

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Plattsburgh, NY… that’s where Swarovski crystal factory is, ain’t it?