Mid-City, Beverly-Grove, Fairfax, Melrose & Parts Surrounding

My friend asked me about a place to take his mother’s friend for breakfast near Fairfax & Melrose. I did a search and quickly realized we have a lot of threads about a lot of area restaurants, but none that I can find about the area as a whole.

Here’s my list for this particular situation. Some I’ve been to, some not. I think he wants something respectable but not expensive. Any opinions or advice would be appreciated.

  • Sweetchick
  • Plan Check
  • Blue Jam Cafe
  • Taste
  • Wolf
  • Terroni
  • Yardbird - not exactly close but probably perfect.

Am I missing anything? Thanks!


And if you want to venture a bit south on Fairfax (south of 3rd), then Yarrow is fantastic, especially if you’re vegetarian friendly.


Nice @ipsedixit -

That looks perfect for my crew / family. Good addition to the thread.

For this I need a nice, comfortable sit down with the basics. He’s looking for a place in that area because she lives there, not because she’s hip granny.


Maybe too far south, but how about La Brea Bakery.

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Blu Jam Cafe in Brentwood is totally swamped every weekend. I’ve been twice and found the food to be completely pleasant and totally unmemorable. It’s the kind of place I would take someone if I need something w/ fine service, a large and unchallenging menu, and a place that’s won’t break the bank.

Assuming the one in Hollywood is the same, it might work actually work very well for your friend (aside from possibly long wait time).

Haven’t been to the others, so I cannot compare.


Does Breakfast by Salt’s Cure and/or Salt’s Cure count?

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Yeah, the wait puts it on the bottom of the list. And you’re right, the food is unmemorable… not worth the wait.

La Brea Bakery for sure is an option. I want to check if they have table service.

The menu definitely looks right, but the location might not.

Has anyone been to Taste? Ahem@Nemroz?

Animal has a pretty decent brunch too. Depending on what they order, the damage might not be that bad.

Haven’t been to The Hart and the Hunter in a while, but they also have breakfast.


I love Animal. It’s my go to spot, but wasn’t sure it would do for them. The Hart and Hunter is certainly an option.

I’m going to give him about 4 suggestions and let him decide.

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Fiona? It’s on Fairfax at Beverly Blvd.

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i dont do the going out for breakfast or brunch thing. Sycamore Kitchen is the one place I’ve enjoyed though.


I really liked Sycamore Kitchen’s breakfasts as well. Outstanding pastries.


Hi @TheCookie,

Not sure if it’s too late for your breakfast (was it this morning?), but some thoughts:

Definitely skip Sweetchick unless you want mediocre Fried Chicken and other dishes. :frowning:

I’d second Cofax for breakfast burritos and Pastry Chef Nicole Rucker’s offerings, but note that it’s a tiny space.

And if La Brea isn’t too far, definitely Sycamore Kitchen. :slight_smile:



Third Sycamore Kitchen. Really good food all around, relatively abbreviated menu but covering options from vegans to meatarians, very casual, good sized heated patio with morning sun, good service and excellent baked goods. Their oatmeal is worthy of ordering at a restaurant.


Yep, definitely putting Sycamore Kitchen on the list. I thought about Fiona too and will check out the menu.

Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

I won’t be at the breakfast. Just looking for recs for a friend who doesn’t live in the area.

Thanks for the tip about Sweetchick. That explains why I’ve heard zilch about it.

I don’t think Cofax is sit down. She’s elderly and it should be as easy as possible. Come to think of it, Sycamore Kitchen isn’t sit down either, but it’s nice enough to keep it on the list.

Hey, what about Republique? The breakfast is really popular and not as pricey as the dinner. My kids & Co. love the breakfast. I still haven’t been inside the place. :relaxed:



Hi @TheCookie,

Sycamore is sitdown, but you order at the counter first, but there are plenty of tables.

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