Migas - Do you have a favorite recipe?

Had a fantastic breakfast taco in Austin at Veracruz All Natural.

Looking to try and create it at home.

If you’ve got a favorite recipe, I’m willing to try it.


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IMHO, Migas are best when the tortilla is in smaller pieces. So I strip the tortilla (I like a high quality tortilla for this, if you can source Kernel of Truth, that is what I use and fry that.

This is a step by step that is similar to what I do. I tend to use white onion vs. garlic and leave the Jalapeno in chunkier pieces. It’s key you don’t mix in the egg with the tortilla but add the egg to the dish so doesn’t soak up or become tortilla strip coating. The egg should be able to stand out.

While I love Avocado, Bean and Queso frescho to accompany it, a Good Salsa is also important. I like a red salsa with this (enough greeny flavor and heat should come through via the Jalapeno), but P like that Green Dragon hot sauce that Trader Joes makes with it.


Thanks @Dommy!

That video couldn’t be easier. The folks at Veracruz use poblanos, so that maybe the only adjustment I make. I’m totally doing this over the weekend.


So I cheated a little and used tortilla chips I already had lying around for my migas breakfast tacos.

Not as good as Veracruz, but I imagine I need some practice before I get there. It was still a successful run as our chowpups now understand why we loved the dish so much.

Shoved them inside Northgate flour tortillas for a bit on a contrast…and because that’s what we had on hand.


Are you a former CH? I am :slight_smile: