Miso Ramen at Ramen NAO - Rich creamy miso broth

Ramen Nao is experimenting with a new Miso Ramen, only 10 available per day Monday -Friday. I was able to hit it up on my day off on Veterans day. This is definitely one of the better miso ramen in Los Angeles, though I wish they would do more koge miso and also add butter. Anyone else try this place out?

No egg?

They didnt have an ajitama option for the miso. But here is a picture of their egg in regular chicken broth.

where’s the fucking joint ??? thanks man.

is the chicken broth ramen, pork free, and good ???

Ramen NAO in Monterey Park. Broth is suppose to be a chicken/ seafood/ veggie broth. Should be pork free as long as you exclude chasu. One of the best ramen joints on the east side. http://ramennao.com/#about

big fan of even just the “regular” Pai Tan (can’t hit it on weekdays)…

just can’t handle all that fat these days (the tonkotsu at the newish Ramen Shack (Gardena) bordered gross). next time i’ll have to go with the miso or the chuka (clear broth) here.

No MSG. I like the new Ramen Champ a lot, but this is at a whole 'nother level. House noodle, chicken not pork, not very salty, and omfg, the ajitama actually has taste instead of just color.

This is really peak ramen for me right now, in LA. $12.50 a bowl + tip/tax, so > $15/bowl for noodles. But hey man, I’d rather do this than give PTrois $23 for a burger.


I just decided to try a regular club sandwich at Pann’s due to a craving and an old CH thread on the matter, cost me $16 for a pretty mediocre sandwich.

Changed my whole outlook on eating things like ramen which are $15/bowl, but full of insanely hard-to-prepare items with a tremendous amount of care put into them. Heck, I am even reevaluating places like Gjusta (which I’ve been eating at a lot lately, wish they offered a club sandwich). A Gjusta sandwich is fucking incredible, and costs you about $15-$18 with tax and tip, so that’s only like $1-$3 more for an insane jump in quality of product.

Maybe I’m just trying to excuse my Gjusta habit…idk…


Wow, I’m gonna have to try this. I’m tired of all the thick broths too. Kitakata is my favorite right now. This is pretty close to me.

Anyone know where I can get a good shoyu ramen?

asked nicely for the miso ramen this weekend, and find the “regular” pai tan far, far superior. they didn’t dial down the regular soup base for the miso ramen, and with the generous amount of miso in the stock, the miso ramen was much, much too salty, with hardly any fermented bean funk.

thankful the kitchen hooked me up, but going back to the regular pai tan, especially because the miso ramen didn’t come w/ the fantastic ajitama of the pai tan.

of note, their pork (no matter chashu (apparently not belly) is plain overcooked. i don’t know what it is but… there’s room to improve, and simply happy i’ve already found a fave combo here.