Mitsuwa Torrance (Flagship) Moving to Del Amo Mall

My friends just stopped by Mitsuwa Torrance today and saw a sign posted up saying they are moving by the end of the year to Del Amo Mall(!).

Not sure if that’s a good thing or not (who drives to a busy shopping mall to buy groceries?). And what will become of their food court? (Santouka Torrance RIP?)


is Del Amo a busy shopping mall?

Supermarkets inside malls seemed really common while I was in India and there are a few local examples (e.g. Eataly @ CC, the old Gelsons @ Paseo), so I suppose it’s not totally new ground.

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Del Amo was known as the biggest mall before the Mall of America…not sure where it stands now. Maybe they need the traffic flow so they extended an offer to Mitsuwa…like @Ns1 mentioned about Eataly, it’s not that much of a stretch. I just wonder how their smaller tenants will react.

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Like every Chinese person living in the SGV?


Incredibly busy, especially on the newer section near Nordstrom off Hawthorne. The older section not so much, but I suspect with Toyota now vacant, this is a wise decision for them.

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Hi @ipsedixit, @Ns1,

Yah, sorry I was thinking of indoor shopping malls (like Del Amo) as opposed to outdoor ones (like Century City w/ Eataly (which is terrible for parking and crowds when we went)). For example, during major holidays, especially Black Friday weekend, Christmas season, After Christmas Sale week, etc., I’d be avoiding shopping malls and the horrific traffic / parking. Just curious how this might impact Mitsuwa at Del Amo Mall, as opposed to having its own building (current location) away from that craziness. :sweat_smile:

Or Gelson’s @ CC, for that matter.

The Gelson’s in Century City is completely and horrifically swamped during weekday lunch hours.

FWIW, wasn’t Yaohan in Little Tokyo kinda/sorta in a mall?


I recall that being challenging to visit. We went once and never returned.

The same in Mexico. Commercial Mexicana is an anchor for Plaza Rio, which is a must stop when visiting Tijuana…

FWIW, wasn’t Yaohan in Little Tokyo kinda/sorta in a mall?

YEP! It’s now a Korean Supermarket with some decent food stalls. It’s not a bad stop for grocery basics when in the Arts District because Urban Raddish and Grow don’t carry oreos…

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I thought Mitsuwa and Santouka had something of a partnership. Most Mitsuwas across the country have a Santouka. I hope they maintain that. I also like Hannosuke and Hamada Bakery.

dang. . not as close to Smog and Monkish. that’s our normal 1, 2, 3 punch

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our 1 2 3 is usually Wadatsumi, Monkish and Chantilly. Way more driving than you.

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Our old Saturday 1-2-3-4-5-6: King’s Hawaiian, La Espanola (paella para llevar on the terrace), Oumi Sasaya (RIP), Patisserie Chantilly, Wadatsumi, Kansha Creamery…


Mmmm Kanshaaaa.

I haven’t had a dessert since first week of Jan :frowning:

Then you should have only dessert for Lent…

My skinny ass is going to eat half of Portugal next month. 0fux


Looks like Mitsuwa is moving into the former Marshall’s spot based on Del Amo’s website.


Smuggle handrolls and Ramune right into AMC


HURRAH!! That other side of the mall is so claustrophobic.