Mizlala Opening New Hollywood Location

Hate to give this its own thread but didn’t know where else to post.


Good for them. Loved them in Sherman Oaks, and delivery from their West Adams location, for what ever reason, keeps really well even when Postmates does its “your driver is dropping off another order 40 miles away” thing.


Didn’t feel like starting a new thread, but I had lunch at Mizlala (Sherman Oaks) last week for the first time. My companion and I both thought it was one of the best lunches we’ve had in years, if not ever. Have others been lately? Surprised this place doesn’t get more love. It’s reasonably priced to boot, too.

We ordered:

Watermelon Feta Salad - A+
Perfectly ripe sweet but not over-sweet watermelon, feta cubes, cucumber, mint, endive, radish, light vinaigrette. Every bite was a revelation. The definition of “greater than the sum of its parts”.

Laffa - A+
The best bread service in LA. It put any pita i’ve ever had to shame. Piping hot out of the oven, perfectly fluffy on the edges with a little crispness towards the center. Slight seasoning elevates it to another level. We were so enamored by the laffa that we ordered another one (the first one is complimentary).

Moroccan Fried Chicken - A+
The server mentioned this was one of the highlights of the menu, so we had to try it. I was expecting a big fried chicken breast, but it’s actually fried chicken tenders. The fry was spot on, perfectly crisp with a little crunch, while the chicken remained moist and tender. The breading was different and better than a standard fried chicken, it almost looked like it was a corn flake crust. Slight notes of heat without being overpowering.

Tiger Shrimp Kebab - A
Perfectly grilled and seasoned tiger shrimp on a skewer. Looking back at the menu, it had a chermoula marinade–whatever that is, it’s fantastic.

Steak Kebab - B+
Really delicious, but could have been a tad more tender.


l have only ever ordered delivery and always found it to be uniformly delicious, some of the best Mediterranean food I’ve had. Even when packaged up and sent out, the quality of ingredients and attention to detail is there. Excited to try them for dine-in.

How was the service? I love the food, but the service is hands down the worst I’ve ever experienced in LA. I still go back though.

Service was totally adequate. I don’t pay much attention to service for lunch. The server came quickly after we sat down, was knowledgeable about the menu, checked in on us a few times. Not sure there’s anything else I want or expect from a casual lunch.


I had the shewarma at the West Adams location and thought it was decent but I like the curry flavor and condiments better at Tel Aviv and Taem. Had a side of sumac fries which sounded interested but again lacked flavor. Moroccan fried chicken sounds like something I would order, they didn’t have it on the menu when I went. Full disclosure, I went during COVID with only outdoor dining so maybe it wasn’t there best showing given the circumstances.