Modern Mediterranean at Ammatoli in LB

Over the weekend, ventured to downtown Long Beach to have lunch at Ammatoli

Weather was great and so was our Levantine lunch. I tried roasted beets with labneh, falafel mezze, and chicken shawarma

Everything was very fresh and prepared well. Even their pita was a step above. The outdoor space was very nice too; lots of shade and great attentive service

The roasted beets with labneh yogurt was a surprise favorite. I was expecting cubes of roasted beets drizzled with labneh, but it was actually a purée with a striking pink color garnished with small flower blossoms. Light and delicious with their pita

The falafel (not pictured) were ideal; hot, crispy and served with a tahini dip. Chicken shawarma plate was served over vermicelli rice, small refreshing side salad with Persian cucumber, and good French fries. The chicken was cooked and seasoned well with notes of clove. Very flavorful especially with some of the garlic dip on the side

Great experience and would definitely return and recommend!


Wow the color of that dish. Looks good. We need another place to try down there besides Little Coyote.


It’s great.


Ammatoli nominated for a James beard. It’s actually pretty hard to get a table as even on a random Monday it was packed. The mezze are can’t miss and the fresh made pita is so so goood. The Palestinian chicken had great flavor and the sumac/stewed onion sauce paired quite nicely. Will be back to try additional proteins.


George’s Greek and Open Sesame are both pretty solid spots. Both on 2nd St though so the parking can be a pain in the ass on the weekends. Not on the level of Ammatoli obviously.


I had a quick lunch at Ammatoli recently. Loved the flaky pastry with smoked salmon and labneh (pictured gracelessly here), but wasn’t crazy about the sauce-heavy pita chilaquiles. A huge advantage to this place is that it’s right around the corner from Sake Secret. Had a great time learning about sakes and trying a bunch in the process.