"Modern Wedge Salad"

I’ve been making this for a couple of years and it’s so very, very good. Once again I didn’t photo it but the one in the link is spot on. We cut half a head into four not too small wedges last night and it was just right. With crab cakes and corn it was a super summer dinner with friends.

Let’s see if I can get the picture here.

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This is one of my favorites. Been enjoying them for MANY years at restaurants (often steak-oriented). You don’t usually find them at anything ‘nouveau’. The only thing is that this is all about the dressing as iceberg lettuce is about as bland as anything could be. Still a quick and easy thing to make at home.

You know what’s a great “modern” take on the wedge salad?

Quarter up a head of cauliflower, roast it (or bake it), then dress it as you would a typical wedge salad.

So much more flavorful, and nutritious


Totally with you on the dressing. But the crunch of iceberg is a nice contrast.

Ipse, that’s an interesting take. I’ve done cauliflower “steaks” occasionally. Thanks for the suggestion.

Iceberg is one of those negative calorie foods. You expend more calories eating it than you take in. I DO enjoy the wedge but it’s been years since we’ve used it in our salads. Today it’s usually romaine + shredded cabbage + 50/50 spring mix/spinach. Not sure why. This IS California though. ;o)

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I like the romaine/shredded cabbage combo idea.