Moist, Stunning Cake Donuts and Fluffy, Outstanding Yeast-Raised Donuts Fried To Order! - Oliboli Donuts [Thoughts + Pics]




Also @noddles shared some intel that they have doughnuts with Harry’s Berries strawberries this past weekend. That was in the opposite direction of my weekend travels so I missed it.


Haven’t asked directly but by the looks of it, all things strawberries are from Harry’s Berries. :grin:



Some consider them better than Sidecar!!!


Time for another trip. Great write up and pictures as usual @Chowseeker1999. Frying donuts to order makes such a difference.


I rarely eat them because they’re sooo bad for you… and Idk if I’ll be in Tustin ever. But! I :hearts: Donuts! And those look f-ing delicious!!

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Hi @noddles and All,

Thanks. We just confirmed with the manager and YES! Oliboli is using Harry’s Berries’ Organic Strawberries for all of their Strawberry Donuts! :open_mouth: :heart: :blush:

No wonder the Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler Donut was so ridiculous!


Hi @js76wisco,

Thank you again for the recommendation and early reports. :slight_smile:

Awesome review and I’m glad you guys enjoyed it, my Go-tos are The Strawbery Donut (when Harry’s berries are in season), the Meyer Lemon donut and the Chocolate with Cacao nibs


Thanks for checking, @Chowseeker1999! Love their strawberry items so much.

This - especially considering Brooke was the original baker for Sidecar and has since moved on to, as we all now know, her own place in Oliboli with the fam. While still good, Sidecar has been on the downhill for the past few years in my experience.


Pretty sure I have never had better donuts than these two from February. Dayum, Oliboli.


I got a feeling Oliboli is gonna be LA FTC choice for donuts.

I’m on the east coast now and Dunkin is the worst donuts I ever had. Having places like Oliboli/Sidecar and mom-n-pop Cambodian places (which btw those donuts are way better than Dunkin) don’t take California donuts for granted!


HI @EattheWorldLA,

Nice! What flavors were they? I don’t think I saw them on the menu when we went, but it’s not surprising as they rotate in new seasonal flavors often. :slight_smile:

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I grew up on the East Coast and never understood the love for Dunkin. Their donuts are terrible. When they started opening up in the LA area I told my coworkers to stay away, LA has so many better donut shops than Dunkin, but they were curious to try anyway, and they told me I was right :laughing:. Maybe it’s a nostalgia thing for some people, because I remember for birthday parties in elementary school, kids would bring in a big box of Dunkin donut holes.


Donut holes were the best but I generally agree dunkin is terrible. I also loved their breakfast sandwiches when I was a kid so I think for me the bar was just really low.

It’s definitely nostalgia. In NYC lots of kids used to bring in Munchkins for their birthday. Dunkin is not good but people love their coffee.

Most people I know from the East Coast love Dunkin just for their coffee. We made a visit to our CT offices ages ago and the team there was so excited because it was an excuse to order Dunkin for coffee and doughnuts. I’m not a huge coffee fan, so I skipped both. At the time I lived close to Donut Man…enough said.

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Dunkin was the only place to consistently get black iced coffee in the winter 15 years ago so it was a must for me. Whether it is 100% nostalgia or not it seemed a lot better when it was “time to make the donuts” vs having them obviously not made on premises when I was a kid.

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Thanks for the warning @hanhgry (and @JeetKuneBao). I have avoided Dunkin thanks to some co-workers and FTC over the years. :wink:

I think you’ll like Oliboli @hanhgry, and it’s only a few minutes away from Little Saigon, where you can enjoy Cococane and all of the other other delicious eats, should you decide to head south. Oh, and it’s just down the street from Cream Pan if you haven’t tried it yet, for another bang x bang. :slight_smile:


Why would you order donuts at Dunkin - nobody (beside tourists) is doing it here