Moles fries, Las Molenderas

$4.50 of smokey, spicy mole de chipotle, cheese optional (and rather unwelcome)

it’s the next best thing short of drinking mole. also a big fan of their pipian verde. you can put a variety of mole into everything. service is beyond quick and friendly, reminds me of OG Guisados cept full of mole.

2635 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles.


good deal

I see some skins on those fries. Are they fresh cut? or standard frozen?

How much crispness is lost after being bathed in that mole?

they were sorta soggy by the time I got 'em, couldn’t really tell. but… point being, even under those condition, it was just like eating mole on hash, and it was stupidly good.


Shit. I’m fucking down. No meat in that fucker ???

Thanks man.