Monterey Park’s Mama Lu’s Dumpling House Acquires Chinatown’s CBS Seafood

I was at Mama Lu’s when I saw they had a new takeout menu. I was stunned as it listed a third location, in LA Chinatown, with the address and phone number of CBS Seafood. Staff confirmed the recent acquisition.

I’m not sure what to make of this, since Chinatown is not a real destination for Chinese food aside from a few places like Pearl River Deli. Right now CBS is operating normally, even once again having a dine-in crowd for dim sum. Will be curious if things remain static or if it converts eventually to Mama Lu’s.


I do love Mama Lu’s and bringing it a little closer is all good news to me.

I work in Chinatown and it’s a solid local takeout option. Did notice Dum Sum service complete with carts last time I was there.


Are they serving the cbs menu or did they switch to the mama menu. Calling to see if they are open today. No one is picking up.

It’s CBS dim sum and a pared down Mama Lu menu. Gotta believe they’re jammed today.

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