Moore Brothers -- your latest finds

I know many of us in the Philly area shop at Moore Brothers in Wilmington or Pennsauken. I shop in the Wilmington store and I almost always rely on recommendations from either Eric or Kathryn for new wines to try. If there’s enough interest, it might be fun to learn what others are enjoying from Moore Brothers. Oh – I should also mention that I am not a wine connoisseur and I have neither a sophisticated wine palate nor a wine “vocabulary.” That said, I REALLY enjoy wine!

The reason I’m posting this here, and not on the Wine and Beer board, is because Moore Brothers wines are from small-production winegrowers, and the wines at Moore Brothers are not likely to be found nationwide.

Anyway, let me get the ball rolling by saying I just tried Cantrina Valtenesi for the first time and really enjoyed it. I can tell you that it’s a D.O.C from northern Italy (near Lake Garda), and it’s a light-to-medium bodied red. I served it with grilled veal chops and thought it was perfect. Price - $19.00. I bought two bottles and I’ll definitely be buying more on my next trip there.

Does anyone have any Moore Brothers finds to share?