Moorpark and surroundings

By your favorite Moorparkian

Everyone talks about Carrara for their baked goods so we were excited to try. Went and got a wonderful tender, tart raspberry cheesecake for kid’s faux birthday. While there we noticed people eating dinner! So next night we had to eat after getting our first electric car.

Delicious and fun meal.

Guess the chef is some sort of a celeb since they had tv pics up with Giada. They have a shop in Pasadena too I’m told

This is likely the best food choice in town

Mango, peach cake nice too


Wow, it looks delicious & hearty. What’s the 3rd photo?

i think it was a lasagna

The carnitas here at Carnitas Mi Rancho, formerly El Rey are maybe the finest food in town. Cueritos (sticky skin) is a must


Their cueritos is some of the most succulent things you will ever eat. Here is a video of the original in Oxnard and how they get so delicious…

Sweets and gelato are top notch at Carrara’s. Very authentic stuff. Priced as if it’s at the Pantheon piazza but whatever. So happy to have something for others to strive for.