Moorpark - Thousand Oaks area eateries?

Is there anything of note that any of you know?

Also any markets you can share especially farms that sell to public.

I’m only aware of Underwood Farms

I think these are more Westlake village area, but I recently had a great meal at Pearl District and another at Finneys (great craft beer selection).

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Moqueca Brazilian Restaurant in Thousand Oaks (and Oxnard) is wonderful.


Oh Snap! Good shout. We’ve been to their waterfront location once and loved it… it has been years!

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Had good takeout from Seven Spice Kitchen. Also have Dong Ting Spring bookmarked. eLoong Dumplings was underwhelming.

Apricot Lane is also in Moorpark, but I don’t know if they have a farm stand or anything.

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Thank you! That chinese spot is looking great!

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I’ll second Moqueca and Seven Spice. My favorite spot in Thousand Oaks is Bottega Italian Deli (choose focaccia for sandwich orders).

Beyond Underwood, McGrath/Abundant Table in Camarillo is the only other decent daily farmstand in the area though selection there is limited. I would also check the local farmers market schedule.

If you’re willing to travel to Oxnard, highly recommend Carnitas El Rey and Casa Agria for beer.

If you’re willing to travel to Ventura, Jolly Oyster has a pair of trucks (to-go/shuck your own and prepared foods) on the beach Saturday and Sunday (and it’s BYOB). On Saturday morning there’s the Ventura Fish Market (you can pre-order starting Thursdays from Ventura Fresh Fish).


Thanks. Huge fan of Moqueca and Casa Agria already. Decent fan of Jolly. Big thanks for the 2nd farm, italian and fish market

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Nonna Italian restaurant is pretty damn excellent in westlake also :slight_smile:


Mouthful eatery!

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Don’t forget that Underwood has PYO fruits and veggies in addition to the farmstand. Can’t beat the quality.

Moorpark Kabob Kitchen is good for the area. We like Moqueca and Mouthful Eatery in TO too.

great, big thanks! kabob is the one thing i’ll never order out lol

@Nemroz Did you see this?

nope! thank you. everything is further south but close enough… really excited about the asian options, especially Dong Ting

Found an interesting Chinese place, Yue Yan in Moorpark across from Moorpark College. I was expecting Mainlander food, as in the past decade 99 percent of college adjacent Chinese food in the US is Mainlander to reflect the overwhelming presence of Mainlanders at our universities. (Apparently Hong Kongers no longer come to the US to study.) It didn’t strike me immediately, but Yue Yan’s bent is Cantonese. The first thing that caught my eye was their “potato dumplings” which would be consistent with Mainlander food. However, after eating one and finding no trace of potato, it dawned on me that this was a hom suk guk, a traditional Cantonese dim sum item, but re-named potato dumpling because it was tweaked to look like a raw russet potato. (A riff on Chinese pineapple buns, so named because of appearance, not content.) And this was a mighty good hom sui guk, too, as were the shiu mai and har gow. Lots of Canto entrees, but alas, I was just passing through town. Perhaps you can do some follow up for me.


Thanks, I saw your post about it and have been excited to try again. Our one time getting take out many months ago wasn’t great. I didn’t know what to order. If they’re open for dim sum i’m going! Still dont know what to order but it’s easy with dim sum … .1 of everything please.

Instagrammer’s take on Yue Yan.


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