More Sawtelle Update: Chinchikurin Okonomiyaki to Start at Old Gottsui Site

More changes afoot on the Sawtelle food corridor… One okonomiyaki-ya gives way to another…

Hiroshima okonomiyaki specialist Chinchikurin is doing construction in the old Gottsui space.

Their Facebook page says Chinchikurin Los Angeles will be open later this month.


Thanks for the heads-up. We went a couple nights ago. They’re still in “soft-open” mode through 1/10.
Alll our menu had were about eight variations of Hiroshima-style oko, J-style dan dan main, Hiroshima-style tsukemen and drinks (alcohol already available).

The kitchen is dominated by a large hot plate where multiple okonomiyaki are prepared. The traditional cast iron serving plates are also warmed on the cooking surface. The kitchen staff is currently headed by a couple of chefs who are from Japan.

We ordered the Chinmchikurinyaki, the Hiroshima and the Classic in large sizes. If one isn’t familiar with Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, a huge portion of noodles similar to that found in yakisoba is layered into the “pancake.” With all the other ingredients layered in, “gut bomb” may come to mind for many.

We thought the food was pretty good. My criticism would be the noodles. The noodles were too toothsome for me and had a soda taste. Otherwise, the product is pretty spot-on.

The service is still a little rough - our server spoke very little English - if you didn’t speak at least a little Japanese, communication can be trying depending on the roll of the dice.

We will go back once the full menu is offered and the operations get on their feet. Chinchikurin seems to be well received so far. We were on the wait list for 40 minutes - the place was packed. It is getting an initial five stars on yelp - whatever. Gjusta gets three and a half - go figure.


Thanks for the review, @bulavinaka! Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is my fave since my mom is from a neighboring prefecture, so that’s the style I grew up with. Looks like I’ll have to wait a while until they get their sea legs. I’m hoping “soda taste” is a typo because that sounds horrible. あけましておめでとうございます, Bula. And wishing everyone a happy New Year in advance.


The “soda taste,” is like baking soda or any other alkalizing agent - ugh. I picked up on it - my wife and daughter didn’t notice it.

We all agreed that the noodles were too al dente. The noodles are boiled in individual baskets that are submersed via an arm that is spring-loaded. It acts similarly to how a pop-up toaster works. Once a set amount of time passes, the spring releases and the arm lifts the basket out of the water. I don’t know whether or not the mechanism is adjustable. Even worse for me would be if the preference for doneness is what we were served the other night.

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Thank you for the New Year’s good tidings. I wish the same for you and your family as well!!!


Ah, thanks for explaining the “soda taste.” I was afraid it tasted like Ramune or some other sweet concoction. Baking soda hadn’t crossed my mind.

If I recall correctly, doesn’t Spoon House have a similar contraption for cooking their noodles. It’s no good if they aren’t cooked correctly though…

BTW, I really enjoy your contributions to FTC. A great holiday season to you and your loved ones!

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They are coming to Little Tokyo!