More temporary closures

The run on grocery stores are going to intensify this weekend!

Citarella, Petrossian, Caviar Russe, Lobels, Urbani, Eataly, Whole Foods brace yourselves for the onslaught :cold_sweat:

Try your local groceries! My neighborhood store in Harlem was busy but fully stocked.

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Grocery run this afternoon was very productive. Shelves were well stocked and no insanity. The only insanity was me walking around with the mask and drawing strange looks. Less dirty looks today, more of “hmmm maybe I should be wearing a mask too” type look.

Eric Ripert today donating all their food to City Harvest :clap::clap:. He makes me all warm and fuzzy, destined for great karma in reincarnation. Please donate to City Harvest if your able to

Hope this passes soon :cry:, F&B & small businesses are going to be hit hard. Tip hard and order out if you prefer not to dine in

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I thought that was a joke. I’m so sorry that you’re actually ill. Take care.

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I’m fine, I appreciate your concern @catholiver , just taking all necessary precautions. The continued lacksadaisy attitude among New Yorkers and Americans in general leads me to believe the spread is broader than stats currently depict.

I have a high risk individual in my household and taking precautions not to bring covid home.

Stay safe all.


One of our daughters and her family live in Seattle so we ‘get it.’ She strongly believes that it’s the lack of leadership at the top is causing the biggest problem after the disease itself. Glad you’re well.