Mori, Inn Ann, or other?

I have a friend who’s looking to have “the best” sushi in LA. Based on recent reading it seems like that might be a toss-up between Mori (with a particular itamae?) and Inn Ann, with the OG himself. Open to other suggestions, of course. I personally haven’t yet been to either, and have only patronized Shunji for lunch.

Price is not really a consideration, though SGO might be a stretch if that turns out to be the recommendation (from the reviews I remember, not likely). The only restriction may be one member of the party keeping kosher (in terms of allowed species, not preparation). Would this be a problem for either place with advanced notice?

If you’ve been to both recently, thoughts?

“The Best” fusion sushi?
“The Best” traditional sushi?

On which end of the spectrum doe your friend’s preferences lie?

If shellfish is out of the question, then you’re probably looking for a place which offers more kosher seafood items (fish with scales) to make up the difference.

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Sorry, thought it would have been clear from the framing, but definitely traditional, with the kosher caveat (so, leaning more in the accommodating + more variety of fish direction). Thanks!

You really can’t beat Mori in terms of variety. On one visit, I was told that they have 40+ neta for that night. Go with Maru-san.

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I haven’t been to Mori in years (since Mori-san left, in fact) so I can’t comment on Mori nowadays, but I loved Inn Ann for a special meal. The restaurant is more beautiful than Mori and many of the cooked dishes were wonderful (although that may not matter to you if you are only going to eat sushi - you now can order sushi only omakase at Inn Ann though and skip the cooked dishes).

Depending on where you live, Inn Ann is really out of the way (I live close to Mori), but I liked the hidden charm of Inn Ann. But if you don’t live close by, you could find it a PIA to get there.