Morihiro or Sushi Inaba

Is Sushi Inaba on par with Morihiro? Trying to decide on birthday sushi. Morihiro is my fave, been to Kaneyoshi, 715, Ginza, etc. Feedback appreciated as always. Was struggling to decide between Morihiro and Gucci (still haven’t been) but it’s hard not to do sushi when there’s nothing super compelling at the moment.

Gucci isn’t special. Shunji is still killin’ it. If you want a relatively new and worthy omakase, try 8eight.


Thanks JL. I had reached out to 8eight last year but then didn’t book and reached out again last week but his March is full.

Do you prefer Shunji to Morihiro? I’ve only been to Shunji in his very early days so my opinion is likely not representative of his more current popularity.

I would say that the omakase at Shunji has evolved quite a bit since the early days (at the now-defunct Pico location). Comparing then and now, there is more emphasis on otsumame (which I personally really enjoy), and the current location on Ocean Park (all wood counter only; no tables) feels more intimate and refined in a way that one would expect while enjoying high end sushi in Japan (and thus definitely appropriate for a special occasion meal).

Shari-wise, I do admit that Morohiro has a slight upper hand over Shunji. The counter there is marvelous (I’d avoid the tables there though).
Honestly, Shunji and Morohiro each possess their own charms. You’ll likely have a wonderful birthday meal at either place.


If you haven’t been to inaba I think you’d really enjoy it.