Moroccan Wood-Fired Goat Dinner and California Small Plates - Tar & Roses (Review / Pics)



How gamy was the goat? I haven’t had too much goat in my life, but the one time I did have it (in stew form), you could definitely tell you were eating game, though I quite liked it.

The pork chop looks interesting. Looks like they cook/roast a full rack and then slice off individual chops like a prime rib. I think i would want more crust/sear on a pork chop like a steak. But the temp looks good. I wonder if they sous vide the chop.

And that “carbonara” looks like a disaster. This is what a carbonara should look like.

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The hell you say. Carbonara should be coated with a rich sauce.

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Wow that large format dinner looks amazing

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My friend if you enjoy goat you absolutely must have the goat stew at El Parian. It is Sublime.

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Hi @tailbacku,

It was a “medium gaminess” (on a scale of 1 - 10, maybe a 5). It was very good. :slight_smile: My last comparison with Barbacoa y Birria Estilo Guerrero was just in terms of the concentration of flavors (Goat, intensity of flavors, satisfaction, etc.).

On the Pork Chop, yah I also like a nice sear as well, but it was surprisingly good.

Must agree with robert. That carbonara looks very wrong.

Thanks @JeetKuneBao. :slight_smile: We’ve been to El Parian a few times. Definitely very funky, gamy goat there. :slight_smile:

I think it looks like a fabulous meal for a group of friends. Just wipe the salt off the goat, then ask for fresh napkins. The chef will get the hint, no need to make a fuss with staff, and the goat will be perfect. :slight_smile:

Th pork is definitely sous vide, and there is no saving that carbonara.

There seems to be an insecurity on the part of the kitchen with the flavor of finished dishes. Final flourishes of salt, cheese, herbs, etc., are to enhance a dish, not to add a “fail-safe” garnish.

But I still think this would b a great place to take my brother for his birthday dinner!

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Hi @Bookwich,

Nice tips; I’ll have to try that next time. :slight_smile:

Yah overall we like stopping by Tar & Roses; plenty of good, solid dishes (some really good ones), and some misses. The Roasted Goat itself was generally quite tasty. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your report back if you go.

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Funny. The only thing I DON’T like about T&R is the lack of menu changes. Always seems the same to me.

I recall doing this dinner a few years ago, the goat was incredible. Indeed, 4 of us sat there for about 3 hours stuffing ourselves with goat, and we still took home 2 bags of goat…it is an insane amount of goat. The three other people with me were not even goat fans but liked it a lot.

I am guessing you ordered all the extra dishes on top of the goat dinner because you didn’t realize how massive it would be? haha =P

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This goat dinner is literally the exact same as like 3 years ago lol

Maybe that makes sense as a signature large format dinner, though.

Hi @CiaoBob,

Good point. I guess some of their items rotate? Their Pork Chop we had on the first portion (above) is rotated off now, and I think 3 other dishes when I compared.

But looking at it now, changing 3 - 5 dishes off the whole menu might not be that much. :sweat_smile: Thanks.

Hi @Aesthete,

Actually that was from 2 different dinners. :slight_smile:

But yes, I wasn’t thinking they’d change their recipe on those large format dinners (but it might be nice).

Forgot to add a note (appended to my original post):

Note: Large Format Dinners (Wood-Fired Goat, Standing Rib Rack, Whole Crab, etc.) require 1 week advanced notice. Call ahead to reserve.