Most useless restaurant web site?

I’ve seen worse, but this definitely needs work.

looks like someone hit ‘publish’ in squarespace before they had cut-n-pasted their copy over the default text!

I can’t say as I’m a big fan of the squarespace style, since it seems SO MANY places just change the colors and fonts on whatever the default ‘bougie bistro’ design pack and call it a day, but at LEAST most of them now have a direct top link to the menus and contact hours.

God knows it’s better than having to poke your way through a facebook page.

Another web site peeve, why create one if you do not keep it up to date? Menu changes, pricing, events, etc…

Because the minimum a website needs to do is show up on google so when people say “let’s eat at Joe’s” they can find where it is, what the hours are, and call if reservations are needed.

Besides, I don’t think I’ve seen any menu that doesn’t have ‘prices subject to change without notice’ or some variation thereof.

Because somebody created it for you, you have no idea how to update it, and you’re spending 120 hours a week running a restaurant?