Mosu & the new starting price for the high end

New place from Sung Anh, who worked for Mourad Lahlou at Aziza and for Coey Lee at Benu and French Laundry, just opened his own place on Fillmore. Tasting menu only, 10-12 courses, $195 plus wine, tax and tip, $195 no-show charge if you don’t cancel more than 48 hours ahead. Interesting to see if he can get away with charging Michelin two-star prices right out of the gate.

Yep inclusive of Michelin star esque corkage prices…$35 a bottle :-o. They have three sake selections currently (only by the glass).

Sung Anh was also Urasawa’s sous chef at one point.

Bargain. Less than 2 days’ rent (w/o drinks) for the average likely patron. Unless someone is taking me there, I’ll likely never go. I’m long over precious little bites, save an occasional visit to Commis.

In that case, count yourself lucky the corkage isn’t $90-120 like at Urasawa. It gets more and more absurd each time I hear about it.