Mother Dough to close in December


Didn’t take advantage of the place enough - always had a good meal there. The issue is that I found their price point to be a bit high for what you get, especially when considering other nearby options.

Always wanted to try the place, need to make a trip before they shutter. That’s a sweet looking brick oven… wonder if its for sale…

Dat price point doe. It was good, but it wasn’t that good.

Was it significantly more than other Neopolitan Pizza places?..

Not shockingly expensive by any means, just obviously more expensive than nearby places like Stella Barra and DeSano, which in my opinion are at least as good.

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Agree with @Jemange: I like DeSano more than Mother Dough.

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Well, hell. Now I’ll have to go try DeSano

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Worse than Sotto and Settebello imo.

Fucking ouch

I haven’t been to DeSano in a few months, hopefully business there has picked up a bit?

The last time we were in there - party of four a few weeks back - we were half of the “crowd” in the middle of the day. As you know, the place is HUGE, which doesn’t help. I hope they can drum up business somehow or they’ll likely go the way that Mother Dough appears to be going.

I dunno that Mother Dough was significantly more expensive than either Stella Barra or Desano.

While both SB and Desano have pies that average $15 (with Desano offering a larger option at $20+), the typical pie at Mother Dough is only about $2-3 more expensive.

Is that what’s really driving people away from Mother Dough?

FWIW, even at the lower price point, Desano rarely does a brisk biz even during Fri-Sun nights. The one in Nashville, however, seems to be always packed. Being close to Vanderbilt helps, no doubt.

Let’s talk percentages here.

While an extra two or three bucks on a $60 prime steak may not be a huge deal, an extra three dollars on a $15 pie is.

speaking of Desano’s, and the demise of MD, has anyone partaken the pies at the new"ish" Prova? I know it’s in WeHo, but… the pictures look so promising.

It’s a shame about MD. I really enjoyed my visits there over the years (much more often when they first opened) but like others have mentioned, their prices kept me from going back more often. Our average bill for 2 was in the $80-100 range after tip and tax. Just too much for a casual pizza dinner.

Now, my go to for Neapolitan pizza is Desano. ~$23 including tax feeds two people plus leftovers for next day as we tend to just bring the pie home and indulge with our own wines.

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Sucks. One of the best (Top 5) in the city. Now going bye-bye?. Suck-sucks!

Stopped by DeSano to pick up a pizza at around 2 PM today. Empty- three younger guys finishing up their food and me waiting for my pie. It’s a shame but I’d be willing to bet the location is a major impediment for them. Should’ve done a bit of research on the location prior to signing a lease - hope they have very low rent.

That being said, the lasagne pizza - san marzano tomatoes, meatballs, garlic, ricotta, scamorza, buffalo mozzarella, pecorino - was excellent. Their crust is my current favorite.


I’ve been to Desano’s maybe 20 times and most times, it’s as empty as you described. However, on my last visit, I was very surprised to find the place absolutely packed. I’m not sure what was going on but the place was jamming. Made me really happy to see that. Marino, the owner, seems like a really good guy and I’m rooting for them to survive.

That location is just gnarly.