Mother Wolf

can’t wait to finally eat pasta in North America


Felix is pretty tasty but funke sounds insufferable


That area of Hollywood is such a hard area to open a restaurant. It’s not going to survive based on just locals but will it be a destination place? (driving 45 min through traffic then paying Valet get’s people irritated) If he’s going to charge 30ish $ for italian size portions of pasta and pizza and it costs 200pp to get full I’m not sure it’s going to work long term.

I mean I’m going to try it any because he may come across as a tool but he can cook


I can’t wait to try it tbh. Love all the classic Roman pastas


Yeah i agree his food is good enough to give it a try but his attitude is :thinking:


He’s one arrogant utterance away from a sakura mochi moment


Where’s he getting green garlic in December?

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I don’t mind him expressing these views. The thing is, I share J Gold’s view that his pasta is nowhere near the best in LA. It also does not remind me of eating in Rome. Having said that, I’ll definitely give this place a try.


This is a pretty standard Roman portion of rigatoni alla carbonara.

Which places do you enjoy for pasta?

Angelini Osteria, Osteria Mozza, Colapasta,
Uovo are all very good. I also think Republique’s pastas are very good.

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I remember pasta in Italy mostly as a smaller primi portion but it’s been a while since I’ve been to Rome. Do they do more main course size pasta portions. Felix is almost tasting menu size portions for pasta

Maybe you were eating at fancy places. Traditionally it’s the secondo that’s like half or a third of what an American restaurant would serve.

I agree with Funke that Alfredo is the most disgusting American concoction (especially with chicken) and I have no problem with him taking himself super seriously. His dishes look good.

I suppose I can see his perspective if it is expected to have pasta prepared in certain ways as in Italy. Although he seems to view Italian pasta as inferior if not prepared specifically to his tastes - which comes off as arrogant.

To each their own, but I love me some cream, Reggiano, and black pepper on pasta.

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There’s nothing wrong with cream on pasta, only with then calling it Alfredo or alla carbonara. It’s a cheat restaurants came up with to avoid the time and labor involved in correctly emulsifying those dishes to order.


I adore Colapasta, and only had Felix (once) for take out, but… the dish at Felix (oxtail ragu) was so different from what’s served at Colapasta (and Uovo, which I also like a lot) that I couldn’t really compare the two places (so hard for me to say which one is “better”).

Fair enough; they are certainly more casual places. I noted them, especially Colapasta, just because what you have there is an Italian immigrant family making home made pasta that Evan Funke is apparently above ever trying. In a lot of ways, Funke’s cooking and background reminds me of Andy Ricker–obsessively focused on recreating what was seen on travels.


I concur with Gold’s take on Funke’s al dente: “distracting”.

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