Moving On Up.... To The Eastside

Ok so we are leaving the coast and moving out to the Del Sur area. Yeah I get it’s a big fat 7 mile move, but are there any hidden gems in the 4S or RB neighborhoods? I’m just seeing a lot of upscale fast food. Burger Lounge type places.

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Welcome to my world, bruddha. . .
Going from the beach to the dreaded ‘Inland’ is a major adjustment, even tho’ it’s 7 miles in…
But once you’re here, it’s a wonderful place to live…North SD Rocks!!
Del Sur/Rancho Santa Fe/4S Ranch/Poway/RB, is a lovely, upscale area with lots of great food and drink out here.

From Sab e Lee in Rancho Penasquitos…North Park Produce & Restaurant next door in Poway for the best Middle Eastern Food and market.
Cork and Craft in RB is quite good for beer and burgers.
Baron’s in RB for upscale TJ’ish market.

Close to Esco for some of the best Mex markets and taco shops too.

I think a Napizza just opened up in your 'hood.

Worth checking out for a slice (or, ahem, a square) of pizza. Margherita is very very decent. Not a fan of their salads, however.

(Caveat: this is just based on the Little Italy location).

Lots of chains…and mediocre food. Plumeria’s and ipsedixit’s suggestions are good ones though.

My reccs may not be great but decent for the area:

Pho ca dao–RB
Curry and More–RB (next to phoca dao)
Brothers provisions–RB
Taco taco–poway
El ranchito–poway
New del sur strip mall has Piacere mio, ototo sushi, board and brew and waypoint public
Lapperts–scripps ranch
Wahine kai shave ice–scripps ranch

We tend to go to Mira mesa and Escondido quite a bit, more reccs in those places if interested.

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I was going to suggest Margs and apps at my beloved Hacienda de Vega in Esco but I see it closed last weekend!!
Bummer dude…
It was a really cool layout with the huge waterfall and patio.

Thanks for the intel. Yeah I just heard HdV closed. The SO went about a month ago for lunch and she felt that it had gone downhill and she was told that there was a chef change. Don’t know if the one in Carlsbad is still open. And real the only reason to go (at least for me) was to sit outside by the pool and enjoy the ambience. Want to try Waypoint and Piacere and I totally forgot about Lapperts, I can always use a little Dole whip. Nice that a Baron’s is now close, we would hit the one up in Temecula when we were out to wine country, but the spouse is really happy that she is way closer to Major Market and I hear the Costco on Carmel Mountain is way easier to use than the one in CB. And we are going check out all the other places.

No - you just have to drive a little bit more than before

is Del Sur just out past El Centro?

In yesterday’s UT, there was an article about the closure. HdV owner said it was a lease issue between him and the property owner and that he is planning on opening at another location in the Escondido area real soon. He says he has a spot picked out, but for the life of me I can’t think of anything that would be close to what he has now in terms of ambience, even with lots of remodeling. Again for me, the reason to go was the ambience.