Multiculturalism at work at Wings 'n Fish in Chinatown

When I saw Wings 'n Fish building out at 304 Ord St. (former home of Mien Nghia and possibly vacant for years) I assumed this was the latest chapter in the saga that has brought eateries like Little Jewel, Howlin Ray’s Nashville wings and Burger Lords to Chinatown. And to some extent it does since they do serve hot wings, fish tacos, chili cheese fries and French toast, bacon and eggs. But to another extent it isn’t. The crew is entirely Chinese and to use a decidedly un-PC term, fobby with thickly accented English spoken. Then there are the Boba selections, the peppercorn wing and taco sauce alternative, and the Chinese wording on the menu. Fish tacos were pretty good.

Not sure if this’ll work but I wish them well.

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This is like King Red Crawfish & Pho in Alhambra on Garfield (right by Dean Sin World).

Cajun crawfish boil and pho, anyone? And then wash it all down with a durian milkshake?

makes sense if it’s run by VN people from Louisiana. Doesn’t really make sense otherwise.

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I think for me the shock is seeing a brand new restaurant in Chinatown being operated by Chinese people.