"Musang King" Malaysian Durian - first ever sighting at Hawaii Market

Wow finally some legit M’sian durians in our local markets (albeit frozen).

Far superior than Thai variety; Malaysian durians are sought after by the cognoscenti for the intense, pungent, creamy, sweeter (sometimes with a hint of bitterness) flavor and aroma. Best analogy would be white vs black truffles. ‘Musang King’ is one of the premium ‘designer’ varieties introduced over the years. http://sixthseal.com/2015/07/5-of-the-best-durians-this-season-musang-king-d197-green-skin-cheh-poay-tembaga-d118-xo-d7/

Anyway decided to pull the trigger eventhough it’s 5x the price of Thai durians. The tiny fruit weighed in at 2.7lbs or $27… Ouch. Defrosted the fruit in the kitchen overnight and woke up this morning to the putrid aroma of durians permeating throughout my entire house. Note to self, leave it in the garage next time.

Verdict, this is legit! The yellow pulp delivers as promised; waves of intense creamy, sweet, custardy, durian richness accompanied by the signature pungent and putrid aroma. Imagine super ripe Époisses + Lucuma fruit + sake lees + white truffles + Crème caramel mixed together.

Great stuff, highly recommended for the adventurous!

Hawaii Market
129. E. Valley Blvd
San Gabriel


Did you tell the local animal control first before you defrosted?


Mentioned this post to my Malaysian-Chinese wife. I think your info struck the fear of God in her. She waved me off and said, “No - no thank you…” Is she an honorary guailo now or what?:joy:


My fridge now smells of durian, the locking glass containers failed to restrain the odor :smile:

@ipsedixit it should come with a warning label…

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Your home has officially been declared a Superfund site.



Was passing by yesterday. Stopped in to try my luck. They’d run out of the Musang King – no surprise – but look at this!

Impeccably cellared in Hawaii Supermarket’s temperature controlled wine crypt: The Rudy Kurniawan collection! :grinning:

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for $9.99/lb, I honestly didn’t think they would sell out as quickly.

A truly heroic description btw. Your imagery is awesome. Almost as good as eating it! :yum:


There was still frozen Thai Durian available for $5.99/lb… but I figured, why put up with all that downside if you’re not going to go for the gold?

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