Musashiya Udon Noodle: A Pictorial Essay

Westwood has an udon restaurant! Located on Gayley Avenue, across the street from Whole Foods Market in Westwood Village, Musashiya had its Grand Opening on October 28th.

The udon is quite good, though I’d place it below Marugame Monzo and Oumi Sasaya for now.

The service on opening night was (how shall I put it kindly?) decidedly slow. Very slow.

I’d wait until after the opening week before hitting it.


I think their “best udon in america” sign is a little prepature. Monzo and Oumi Sasaya are both amazing so the bar is high. Still, for the westside, definitely interested.

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Premature indeed. Last night, at least, it was more like “the best udon on the Westside, IF you sit around long enough to for it to come out of the kitchen”…

what’s a prepature ???

JL, what’s that roll that you have pictured ???

It’s a crab-mayo handroll they feature there - Pretty tasty, but not a destination dish unto itself.

The tempura was not as delicate as I had hoped. And the server straight up forgot my order of squid tempura until after last call.

I will give them a try again, but not soon - Maybe in a few weeks, when the service kinks are (hopefully) worked out more.

Impressive logo on the inside of the bowl.

Maybe that’s why it took so long for my bowl to be ready…

I was about to ask you how the tempura was. :wink: Was it totally overrun w/ students? That is usually my great fear about going to any eatery in the Village…

Yes. Rife with undergrads. And a smattering of grad students. And maybe even a prof or 2.

Gotta love Westwood - a classic college town in the heart of bustling L.A.

I loved my Soy Tantan Tsuke Udon. Spicy and soy milky with nice crumbly pork and perfect udon

Not so much love for the under cooked, tasteless batter on my “free” karaage (with coupon from Japanese magazine)

Servers, as J L points out, are friendly but clueless…they did try to charge me for my “free” karaage

I loved the place though. Very happy to have good udon close to home. Will be back. Often.