Mushroom Tacos

Should I marinade the mushrooms? If so, in what? They are baby bellas.

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I’d just saute them. Something like step 2 in this recipe.

The different mushroom tacos on Avila’s Guerilla Taco cookbook are very nice. We made the one which also includes hallumi cheese but I can’t find a version online. This one looks also great as a starting point for your mushroom taco

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Not a big proportion of mushrooms there: one pound vs. four cups of pasta and one and a half cups of parmesan.

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No. You should slice them and then add whatever other veggies sound good to you. I also highly recommend you add some epazote with them. They are amazing with Epazote and recently have found that Superior and I am sure other places are selling in a package so it’s easier to find and spot!

My ultimate favorite way to have Mushroom Tacos is the mushrooms mixed in with Rajas con Crema. Epazote is also so key in this dish. I mix in the Mushrooms with some fresh cut off the cob corn. I also use Jacoque which has that tangy buttermilk quality.


Thank you. Was thinking of cubing potatoes in there and making mushroom potato tacos. I had to look up epazote didn’t know what it was. You think Ralphs will have it? I need to go to Superior anyway tho for some hibiscus leaves.

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Ralph’s will definitely not have epazote! It can even be hit and miss at Mexican markets

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Oh yum! Mushrooms and Potatoes. You can add some Chorizo to help start. I make Vegetarian Enchiladas with Soyrizo, potatoes and halved mushrooms. SO GOOD. Espazote would also work in this.

I just checked Instacart and Ralphs does not have it. Superior and El Super does. It’s over by the fresh herbs in a celephane bag (When I get home later today I’ll take a picture). As @aaqjr menioned, it used to be harder to find, I had to go to the herb ladies that were in front of my Chicken Place. But as of the last two years, I have successfully found that bag when I needed it in a pinch. If for some reason you can’t find it, that is okay. Just don’t use the dried stuff. Only Penzeys has figured out to best preserve it in dried form.

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I’d cook the potatoes separately first since they take so much longer than mushrooms.

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I believe the Super King on San Fernando has also had epazote more consistently than I’ve seen elsewhere but their herb availability can also vary by location

Epazote is a weed and goes to seed really quick. Also the seeds are toxic to pets. Epazote is great, but I only use fresh for specific dishes (I use the Penzeys the most for my beans). I don’t mind buying it from the herb ladies (who pinch often) as so most of my neighbors that grow other things. It’s like growing your own cilantro… in the end, it’s not worth it.


Why isn’t growing your own cilantro worth it?

Yep! I par boil the potato cubes (you can do this in the microwave) and then crisp up the chorizo, add mushroom, more garlic if you want and S&P to taste. then add the potatoes. Mix. Sprinkle in the ribbons of Epazote and mix again. You can take off the heat and let the flavors just meld as you prep other items like Tortillas, Salad, Margarita… :wink:


Me too.

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I stopped growing it because it never flourished. What’s your secret?

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First it’s 50¢ per bunch. It grows all patchy and bolts quick. By the time you invested all the time and water… to get a bunches worth it’s not worth the time and water spent. We are Mexican. We got shit to do and even more shit after that.

Prickly Pear Nopales. Now those are worthy a precious patch in the garden.


Here is the one I have been getting from superior. I wrap it in a paper towel and it lasts me several dishes. Tonight I am using it for chile verde enchiladas.

I take public transit everywhere, mend my own clothes and upcycle off my buy nothing group so I can buy epazote in cellophane (and Charmin :joy::joy::joy:)


I don’t grow it, just know somebody who had it growing like (as?) a weed in their yard in Santa Rosa.


Yep! My mother has it just randomly growing in her yard too. But the availability is highly unreliable and it becomes twiggy in no time. She uses it as available otherwise she buys it in the store too (no herb ladies in her neighborhood). My herb lady grows them in large pots and sells enough to rotate so that it stays beautiful, leafy and tender. She has nothing on Japanese Tea Harvesters… but still… she doesn’t grow Cilantro. :joy::joy::joy:.