Musso & Frank Recs

Headed to Musso & Frank’s in a few weeks & looking for your favorites. I’ve heard a sirloin steak & a martini are musts, but with the menu being an endless adventure, looking for recs of dishes and cocktails worth trying.


“If you are a certain kind of food guy, it is almost a sacred duty to dismiss the Musso & Frank Grill, where a large part of the menu remains largely unchanged from 1919 and where the avocado cocktail and kidneys Turbigo could not be further from the kinds of things they are serving at Red Medicine or Trois Mec. The steaks, chops and sand dabs are fine, although you’d probably do better at Mastro’s or even Taylor’s. Yet it is hard to imagine Hollywood without Musso’s wooden booths, Manny’s martinis or the chicken pot pie on Thursdays. The Welsh rarebit and shrimp Louie are unchanged from when you and your grandfather were children, and the flannel cakes are still the best consolation for late risers in town.”—“Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants,” 2014

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Keep it tight, constrained, selective. Lots of pitfalls there. Sit in a booth/banquette on the “old side”, without the bar. Hendrick’s martini with a twist. Wedge salad, 12oz new york strip, medium rare. Green peppercorn sauce on the side. Creamed spinach and cottage fried potatoes are the only acceptable sides.



Stick with a steak and french onion soup. You’re there for the nostalgia and the cocktails with sidecars. You aren’t going to get any spectacular dishes.

Agree with the other replies --on the cocktail side simple is best, and the Martini is the classic order here. I have always found the steaks safe, but underwhelming, the Sand Dabs solid and old school and the weekly Chicken Pot Pie special very good. Friends who mourn the fact that liver and kidney can be hard to come by on menus tell me that the various versions at Musso’s are great and scratch that itch for them.

My basic move has been to have a drink or two at the bar at Musso’s, absorb the atmosphere, and then eat somewhere else.

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I made a note a few years back to order the liver and onions because Gold recommended it but I can’t find that article. Maybe it was in an old 99 or 101 that’s not Googleable any more.

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On a recent visit, enjoyed the celery, wedge and the prime rib.


Hot open face turkey sandwich was a fav as are the fries.

Skip the solids, other than the olive in your martini or the cherry in your Manhattan.




Martini’s plus cool bartender stories is all you need.

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I love Musso & Frank it’s one of my favorites. They have tweaked the menu recently but steak wise I love their filet mignon. I usually don’t order FMs because they are lean and easily dry out but Musso does theirs great with lots of au jus to keep it juicy. Get it with a side of their textbook perfect Béarnaise, fries, maybe their dinner salad with Roquefort, and a martini or other classic cocktail and all is good in the world :slight_smile:


Haha… I knew you were going to weigh-in. :sweat_smile:

Hi @esideeater -

Last time we went I really enjoyed the Steak Tartare and had a bite of my friend’s Garlic Chicken, which doesn’t seem like classic M&F fare but was delicious.