Must Orders at Lotus of Siam?

I’m making the trek to Vegas this weekend and will be eating at Lotus of Siam for the first time. What are the best dishes to order? What must I order there? Any recommendations would be great!

I will be eagerly awaiting responses on this, as well. I’ll be in Vegas next week, but just for a night, and was thinking of going to Lotus of Siam for the first time.

Where else are you planning on eating?

Crispy rice salad with sausage
Deep fried shrimp with the potato chip like skins
Drunken noodles with sea bass
Papaya salad

Sorry I don’t know the actual names for some of the dishes but they were absolutely fantastic as was everything else.


Flock and Fowl, a must for me.


The tom yum kai soup
Green Beef Curry ( don’t eat meat but the sauce is sublime and different than other green curry)

Papaya salad

The food is unbelievably good…

I go for lunch…get there early…11am open…check on weekend hours.
If you have a fridge in room, get another order to go…fab late night snack!

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Or early morning hangover. :laughing:

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You got that right bruddha. . .

Thread revival. I’m surprised nobody mentioned the a few of the following:

Cripsy duck panang - life changing stuff

Khao Soi | chicken served on a bed of egg noodles in a curry base sauce, garnished with sliced red onions, lime and pickled vegetables.

Chicken can be overcooked depending on the visit but this so such a sooth dish. It feeds your soul.

Pepper Garlic Beef

Garlic prawns - Oh so satisfying!

Fried banana, coconut sticky rice, and coconut ice cream

This is a must to finish your meal. You’ll also get mango if they happen to be in season.

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If I eat Thai in Thai Town and Le Valley is this place still worth a visit?

The garlic prawns are a must order. Never thought of ordering dessert but that looks pretty good. Will remember for our next visit.

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Their fried bananas is the bomb! Stick rice got great texture as well.

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