Musubi - The Next Big Thing?

Now that Poke’s made a splash, how long will it be until Acai Bowls and Musubi find the main stream?

After reading a post by Clarissa Wei, I stopped by Mama Musubi today at the Silver Lake Farmers market. They have 3 or 4 different musubi’s stuffed with hijiki and chili garlic sauce, marinated chicken thighs, and spicy tuna. I plan to go back, and my appetite could only handle one today, so I started with the most popular: spicy tuna.

The rice was cooked perfectly, tender and sticky. The nori was slightly crispy but not so much that it cracked. And it had that nice ocean flavor. Oddly, the green powder with sesame was slightly sweet, but it complemented the other flavors nicely. I loved the fresh texture of the whole thing.

As you got to the bottom of the rice ball, the filling to rice ratio increased, as expected. They don’t skimp on the filling.


Looks pretty good!! Better than the one at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. I still prefer Sunny Blue Culver City for all around although the soft boiled egg one from Kawaba is one of the best bites in the city.


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I feel like the answer to your question is yes - definitely been seeing a lot of musubi places pop up.

+1 on this. I think there’s one musubi place on Main St. in Santa Monica. One you’re there, you’ve definitely hit the mainstream… :wink:

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The musubi restaurant in Santa Monica is called Sunny Blue. They have a second outpost in Culver City (which Dommy mentioned previously), and it’s the location I frequent. They also have great, Japanese-inspired froyo with flavors like matcha, anko (red bean), black sesame, etc.

I quite liked the tenmusu (shrimp tempura musubi) at the Marumasa pop-up at the Torrance branch of Mitsuwa. They’ll be there until 2/22.


THANK YOU!!! I thought it was just a one time thing… weill be there soon. :DDD


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