My Costco had chanterelles today!

I didn’t see them last year but here’s a soup I made from them. I think it was the best soup I’ve ever made or had. Get thee to Costco :smile:

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Fresh? Which Costco? Amazing.

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Fresh! We shop at the Reno one and he said they had just gotten them in. If WE have them here, I’d think y’all would. Can’t wait to shop tomorrow for ingredients for that soup. Do you have a fave something to do with them?

I usually just sautée them in olive oil with a little onion, garlic, and maybe fresh thyme. Or make a duxelles with butter and serve that on fresh pasta.

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Try some rendered bacon fat & butter next time. Chanterelles, onions, bacon & parsley are a match made in heaven. They’re also great in scrambled eggs.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them in the US where I live, and missed the season back in Germany this year.


Ooh, with scrambled eggs sounds fantastic. All those ingredients sound great, kiddos. Here’s a bad pic of the packaging.

They’re from a company in Richmond, BC, so I’d think West Coast would get them. They were $12/#.


Jealous. Not happening in N. Virginia.

The guy said they JUST got them in. So maybe.

Enjoy this little treasure. Let us see what you’ve done with them?

I can add other things to the mushrooms but Speck must not be omitted.

About 2kg so far (in 3 months time)!


You showoff, you '-)


Disappointed that I didn’t see any edible wild mushrooms in far northern Albania -where I’ve just returned from, after an arduous hike. It’s quite cold up there already, whilst the rest of the country is still basking in the sun.

We always got ours from Oregon, throughout October. Hope we can get them down south.

Update: Costco, Marina del Rey, has chanterelles. One pound for $10.

They’re very large and very dirty. How the heck do you clean theses things?

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I use water, a sink sprayer, a soft brush, a paring knife to dig out grit, and sometimes the back of the knife to scrape off any gritty patches. Harold McGee debunked the myth that you shouldn’t rinse mushrooms.

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$10 a pound in the Bay Area as well. Good quality. Thanks for the tip, I don’t usually go in the produce room.

Wait til they have morels! !!

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