My New favorite Eggs Benedict

At Butcher, Baker & Cake Maker at USC Village. The base is their Buttemilk Biscuit. The Holandaise and egg were spot on. I had the salmon version, which was tasty, though they do make it with either pork belly or avocado. The potatoes were flavored with a lot of dill, which was ok. However, the drink to get is their Mexican Mocha or you can get a mimosa.

Since SC graduation just happened, the place should be relatively quiet fo the next few months. So if you have the opportunity, give them the business.


I like the place.

The short rib gallete is good, but definitely not diet food.

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You definitely are a biscuit lover!

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I think anyone is better than the English muffin that’s normally used…


I almost forgot, but Taqueria Los Anaya’s take on Eggs Benedict, or as they call it “Huevos Negros” is very good.

Poached eggs, on Spanish bread, and topped with salsa Negra.

You should give the eggs benedict at Cafe Teragram a try. Made with blue corn sope.

I think you would approve.