My new Samsung, induction cooktop, convection range!

Our little place in Seattle HAD a coil-type electric cooktop that drove me crazy. So this got delivered today!

And, no, I didn’t pay anywhere CLOSE to that much.

And here she is:

And there’s some kind of wifi feature that will force me to read the manual. But unlike my earlier one(s) I love not having the controls for the ‘burners’ on the cooktop (gives lots more room) and I love all the controls being on the front. That have this silly feature shown in the top photo where there are flame-type lights that turn on when the burner is. I’d love to talk to the designer to see why they added that.

Anyway I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. Oh, and this kitchen has a minute amount of counter space so the cooktop adds immensely to that. Happy birthday year to me. LOL.

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Here’s my expanded counter space. I’m soooooo happy!

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Cool. I used an induction cooktop at a vacation home recently (not mine) and found it amazingly fast at boiling water. However, I was annoyed at how it kept turning off whenever I lifted the pan to flip the contents or otherwise move them around. Did not make for a good stir fry experience. I wonder if you have experienced this?

I don’t stir-fry a lot so don’t feel qualified but found this (and there are others):

I do however lift sides up, i.e., making an omelet and don’t have a problem as it’s only off the surface for seconds so the food stays hot.

I’ve said before and still mean it you couldn’t give me the most expensive gas range and $1k in exchange for my induction(s).