N/naka (just an excuse to check in)

I’ve been killing myself at work so I haven’t had much of a life. Going to n/naka was my bday present to myself and it was awesome. I made a reservation for another visit already. I thought the service was outstanding too. Now that I’ve been reading the Mori threads I want to go there to treat myself. Just posting this as this is my first day on this site and it is very lovely to see familiar “faces.” :smile:

Congrats on getting a reservation! Was it 3 months out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup! Going back in December.

Have tried unsuccessfully to make reservations a couple of times. They are truly booked 3 months out. Glad to see them doing so well. Will be back in a few weeks. Fingers crossed for more Hokkaido hairy crab.

Enjoy! Are you going to request the crab ahead of time? Hopefully they can accommodate.