N/naka reservations - LOL

Wow, that Netflix documentary really did something - the next available date is some 95 days off, and I’ll have to try my luck at midnight to maybe make it happen.

It’s the El Bulli of L.A. now.


Pretty much. It went from no problem 1 month out to struck out twice 3 months out.

Very happy for that team’s success though. Well deserved.


When I spoke with her after an awesome dinner over the weekend, she mentioned she’ll be taking a (well-deserved) trip to Europe in March… so it will be cool to see how that may inspire her menu when she returns.

Do yourself a favor and save the $700, or spend it on 4+ other great meals. Service is impeccable but the food isn’t nearly spectacular enough to warrant the expense.

Whoa, that’s quite the price hike. It used to be like $185, now it’s up to $700/person for food there?? Doesn’t that make it by far the most expensive restaurant in the US??

$700 for two people with the wine/sake pairing, tax and tip.

The pairing was actually the highlight for us and really well done. I just wish I enjoyed the food as much as the booze.

Oh, that’s not too bad then, only $350/person with pairings/tax/tip? How many courses is it?

Kind of a shame that the food sucks though, for sure.

I thought it was lackluster, but that’s definitely not the popular opinion.

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I personally think n/naka is LA’s best and most unique high end restaurant.

Melisse wouldn’t last in SF, NYC, or Chicago.

As much as I like Providence, it doesn’t change much and also wouldn’t be top tier in any of the above 3 cities.

N/naka would.

I probably feel the same way about Maude as H_M feels about n/naka though.

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Are the top places in SF just the ones with 2 + 3 Michelin stars?

Hm. I love n/naka and Providence. And Melisse. When’s the last time you were there? How often have you been?

I think it’s pretty stellar. (was there recently with an old friend who thought it was likely the best meal she’d ever had.)

But if you’re saying, n/naka would “pop” more in New York - you’re probably right.

BTW n/naka changes a LOT. She keeps notes as to when you were there last - and what you had - and tries to mix it up - unless you state otherwise. I kinda wish I’d taken notes because part of returning to a restaurant is to recreate the experience you had before. Still get that abalone pasta (but I’ve been about a dozen times - so she’ll mix it up for me too).

She’s a doll and very talented. I’m glad of her great success.

N/naka 5 times, last there Nov
Providence over 12 times or so. Last there Aug.
Melisse once. Last there October.

I’m not saying n/naka would “pop” more. I’m saying its as good as any of the best restaurants in NYC, SF, and Chicago.

I’ve been to Melisse many times - never had a bad (or even a mediocre) experience - but some have been better than others. You might want to try it again (be sure to get the tasting menu).

It’s not my style of cuisine.

I did get the TEN. Not willing to go back and double down for the Carte Blanche

At $400pp after wines I’d rather eat at (in no particular order)

Per Se
Eleven Madison Park
Jean Georges
Atelier Crenn
Joel Robuchon
Pierre Gagnaire

I just don’t feel Melisse does anything to distinguish itself when it comes to high end cuisine. The wine list is nicely priced with some aged gems.

Then again I’m also losing my taste for pricy multi course dinners these days so it’s probably just me.

Maybe the issue with Melisse is the cooking style has not changed much over the years?

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I’m all for continuity, but if I have my math right Ken Takayama has been CdC at Melisse for nearly a decade and a half.

In an industry where chefs come and go like cars at a gas station, 15-year tenures should be applauded but also looked at with much suspicious trepidation.

If anything I think Melisse is underrated. So we’ll agree to disagree there. Oddly enough I’ve dined at nearly all of those restaurants - and though I’ve had some disappointing meals - I would say that your tastes are not out of line with mine. So your lack of enthusiasm for Melisse kinda baffles me.

If you have some flexibility, you can always call or email them to put you on the waiting list in case reservations get cancelled. Jeffry is awesome and was kind enough to get me in last month when an opening came up last month.

Agreed. I’ve been to n/naka three times this past year and Providence three times this past year. Providence is fantastic, but it can be a bit staid and predictable at times and not every dish hits the highest marks (a really marked change in the pastry department, that’s for sure). n/naka, on the other hand, just seems to get better and better each time, especially after the price hike this year. During my last meal there, each dish was either really delicious or soul satisfying, or both. In my less than humble opinion, it’s the best fine dining in town.

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