Does anyplace make buckwheat noodles fresh to order like in the Netflix food porn?

Ham Hung makes them fresh to order, but from potato starch.

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Try yu chun chic for Naeng myun on olympic

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Never had fresh to order noodles except in Daegu. There is a very famous place that is only open from late spring to early fall when the weather is hot. We went there in dead of summer at 2am and the place was packed. It was indeed the best bowl of naengmyeon I’ve ever had.

That is in Korea?

Yes. I’ll ask around and see if there are any places in LA/OC.

fresh noodles/best naengmyeon you can get in LA/OC: morangak, garden grove. naengmyeon there popular with… everyone. out-of-towners from Korea make it a point to go there when they come to LA/OC. didn’t mention it in the article, but whatevs. shameless plug incoming:


Ham Hung #1

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