Name That Soft Shell Crab(s) Dish

pricey at 36 bucks but there appear to be 2, maybe 3, crustaceans on board.

Are we trying to guess the restaurant?

Is it a special or a regular menu item?

Regular menu.
West of 405, North of Wilshire, South of Chautauqua

Ok, I will answer my own question and then ask one:

Ox and Son’s on Montana

Has anyone been?
The space and menu are kind of appealing - though every dish on said menu seems to have one (or two) too many ingredients

Not yet. For fucking crying out loud.

Yeah doesn’t look that great too much stuff, at least to my taste.

Is it soft shell crab season year round now thanks to science and spider rolls ?

Bob ur a Nola guy anywhere to get monster soft shell crabs meunière or also add almandine here in la like that?

No place here - this LA - has a good soft shell crab by their - that LA - standards.
Because I know they are farmed and I suspected they would suck, I DID NOT order them/it at Ox and Sons.
However, the meal we did get was really good!

Too bad suspicion confirmed on crabs.

Well what about the oxtails at ox and sons or is that too obvious? That oxtail pho place on overland downhill, watery soup last time I had it. Versailles oxtails better. Ever had the oxtail soup in that dongsomething spot in century city?

Are this and R+D Kitchen the only good places to eat on Montana? B/c, if so, I’ll probably try it (my partner for some reason loves that street, even though it gives me the willies).

Bob, what did you order (the menu items do look… busy)?

I too am mildly “allergic” to Montana with its Disneyland For Billionaires vibe.
However, I am primarily a chowound (errrr, of course I didn’t mean that: I am NOW primarily a Food Talk Centralizen) and will brave the sea of dental perfection and impeccably coiffed, platinum blonde string beans for a good meal. And this was one!
Pouitine with chorizo tomato sauce and mussels
Burrata with Radish
Sticky Pig Cheeks on Black Coconut Rice


But the dishes sound just a tad bit too risqué for the well coiifed with a sideline in some serious décolletage and well manicured well you know.

Btw is it in the old Cynthia’s location ? I think it was called Cynthia’s on the Run ???

Is cafe Montana still there ???

I think it is were 17th st Cafe used to be
It was really good.