Name your favorite hot weather treat

For me, it’s easy.

Coffee snow with panacotta and some crispy brownie crumbles @ Iceskimo


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Two scoops of gelato or an affogato at Escogelato

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I love me a good affogato but for some reason I enjoy it more in the cold or winter months.

Almost any damn thing at Iceskimo.

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Mr. Frostie
Agua fresca Jamaica anywhere
Mr. Softee at Petco
Cold beer on Lahaina deck

Shave ice at wahine Kai
Dole whip at Lapperts
Jamba Juice


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Qualifiers, IMO: Brisk, light-bodied, high carbonation, malty, no late or dry hops.

Like PBR. Or Pilsner Urquell.

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Excellent choices, very highbrow.

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It would be low brow for me. .

Pilsener Urquell ? Carbonated cow piss

I was being facetious.

And @honkman was being injudicious.

Chocolate dipped soft serve

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It used to be Ice Blast, who made the best shave ice in San Diego, but they are no more…