Nanjing Kitchen Apparently Moves To El Monte

So another of my favorite SGV Chinese restaurants, Golden Dumpling in El Monte, is gone, an unfortunately common fact of life with Chinese restaurants. In its stead is Nanjing Duck House, which I believe is the relocated Nanjing Kitchen that was located on Las Tunas Dr. in San Gabriel, and which no longer has a Yelp listing. Same assortment of Nanjing Duck ($25.99 for a whole duck) and various duck parts. Address is 9961 E. Valley Blvd.

Further west on Valley Bl., Korean Dessert Place replaced Muse Cafe.


Thanks for the update. I love that salted duck.

that reminds me; the recently opened tasty bao now also offers nanjing duck on their menu.

A4.招牌金陵鹽水鴨 7.49
Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck