Napa Valley Eating

Coming to Napa on a weekend with some friends. I think we’re looking for a few places for dinner Saturday and Sunday night and lunch on Sunday.
In previous trips, we’ve enjoyed the following:
Napa - Grace’s Table, Oenetri, various vendors at Oxbow
Yountville - Bouchon, Redd
St. Helena - The Goose and The Gander, Gott’s, Paradise Cafe
Sonoma - Sunflower Caffe, Sonoma Cheese Factory

I think we’re looking for casual dining options, but may consider some fine dining if the mood strikes. All cuisines welcome.


Rutherford Grill in Rutherford (natch).

The prime rib french dip is to die for. There’s a Dean and Deluca down the road if you wanna pick some fancy cheeses and chocolates and such.

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ad hoc for brunch or dinner
redd wood

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Thanks for the reminder.


Thanks, @robert! I do love me some crispy pig ears…and the smoked fish in the cans remind me of the Spanish canned fish. They seem to like a whimsy flair here.

We LOVE Goose and Gander and they have a wonderful cocktail lounge in the basement.

LaSalette in the town of Sonoma is a must-do every trip. They’re just off the east side of the square. Portuguese-influenced. We’ve loved everything we’ve ever had there.

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Thanks, @catholiver! The Goose and the Gander is a good time…even more so since my palate is usually blown out by the end of a day in wine country, so I can’t handle wine tasting with dinner. The cocktails there are fantastic.
I’ve never had Portuguese food before…Brazilian, but I know that’s not the same thing. Very interesting!
Thanks, @lectroid…I remember someone wax poetically about the prime rib French dip from Rutherford on CH.
Thanks, @PorkyBelly! I’ve ad hoc would be real fun…I’ve been dying to try their fried chicken, but it’s never been convenient. Are the Redd properties still good? I remember someone commenting on CH that it’s changed over time. Bottega looks so picturesque…like the quintessential Napa dinner.

If they have the tripe stew, try a cup. It’s outstanding. I bought their cookbook and, shame on me, have only fixed that dish. IIRC, it has three different meats including the tripe. And it’s a lovely setting, down a shop-lined “alley” right off the square. And un-food related, almost right across from them is a wonderful shop, Eminent Design. I’ve bought LOTS of things in there over the years.

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@attran99- Another rec for Redd Wood. On my last visit it was one of my most enjoyable meals. Lots of locals too- always a good sign.

Trying to hit Ad Hoc on fried chicken night is a gamble, but if Addendum is opened back up by your trip you can get the boxed chicken lunch and have a picnic.

I always love L’auberge, especially for a civilized breakfast and that glorious view.

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Ad hoc does their fried chicken every other monday for dinner and if you’re lucky they’ll do chicken and waffles for Sunday brunch. Pro-tip, check this website out for their chicken schedule and signup for ad hoc’s newsletter to get their daily menu.

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Honestly, ad hoc is not a great meal, in my opinion. I’m not a fried chicken person, so haven’t tried that, but the food is uninspired, and usually something is off. Boring vegetables (steamed carrots and broccoli drowned in butter, soggy Brussels sprouts, really?), unseasoned chicken breast, mushy rice. And the cheese course is a joke. In Napa!

My friend loves it, she’s been going for years and I’ve joined her a few times, but I think it’s her nostalgia speaking when it comes to her like of the place.

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Unfortunately, we’re leaving Monday afternoon. I am tempted to try it at addendum, but my fear is that it might not be ideal in boxed lunch format.

@BubblyOne I’m trying to convince to troops to have sunset drinks at Auberge before dinner elsewhere. It might be out of the budget for a couple of the folks we’re traveling with.

It would be a shame not to stop in for one drink, especially for first-timers.

My very first visit did just that and now always squeeze in some point during a trip for a meal or drinks and apps.

Check out breakfast menu, maybe for before leaving Monday?


Just returned from a very quick trip up to Napa for the Quintessa harvest party.

Had dinner at Redd Wood and wow this place is fantastic. The bucatini with spicy tomato sauce and guanciale was so simple yet so satisfying. I’m definitely going to try to replicate this dish at home. The pork chop was insanely juicy and tender.

Had breakfast at Five Dot Ranch Cookhouse at the Oxbow Market and it was terrible. The corned beef hash was maybe one of the worst “restaurant” dishes I ever had. Completely dry and bland and not to mention, not a corned beef hash at all. French fries with chunks of dry brisket does not make it a corned beef hash. The breakfast wrap was just so so as well. Avoid at all costs.

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Oxbow, ugh. At least I don’t have to go inside to shop at Fatted Calf.

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Glad you liked Redd Wood. I had a pasta with English peas that was fabulous. Love that place.

And a stop at Model Bakery for bread to go with your Fatted Calf treats.

Any recent tips or additions to the above? Looks like Redd Wood has closed for good.

Bistro Jeanty was wonderful on Monday March 22, 2021. Sitting in a shaded area outside and distanced.

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