Napa valley operations during wildfires

Do not go. Things are changing by the minute. Calistoga has been completely evacuated, as have been some parts of Napa (city). Fire has gone over the hill into Solano Co. I’d expect the delicious Green Valley grapes to be toast, and there are now evacuations on the west side of Fairfield. I’d also avoid all of Sonoma Co. wine country - I wouldn’t even want to go to the Russian River Valley for fear of limited access. Much of Highway 12 between Sonoma (city) and Santa Rosa is gone (not the highway, but the structures). Eastern side of Geyserville evacuated (by the Casino). Many other spots are impassible or could become so within a flash. Winds are picking up. Ash is falling at home in Berkeley.

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It’s becoming one of the deadliest blazes in California history.:cry::cry::sob:

This is just heartbreaking. Was on vacation and came home to my shipment from Schramsberg.

The first time ever I was sad to see a case of wine :pensive: