Naschmarkt (Campbell)

First visit to Naschmarkt, an Austrian (with some other Central European influences) restaurant in Campbell. Quite impressed with the quality of dishes, very high level of execution with a lot of emphasis on details. Overall cooking on the same level as you would get in upscale restaurants in Austria and Germany.

Warm bread to start the night

Austrian Cold Cuts - Excellent mixture of house-made pork belly rillette, chicken liver mousse, red pepper mousse, speck, two types of salami, pickled vegetables

Smoked Bratwurst with braised sauerkraut, caramelized onions

Goat cheese purse salad, rosemary, honey, mixed greens, mandarins, walnuts, balsamic vinegar reduction

Jaeger Schnitzel - pork schnitzel braised in a mushroom cream sauce, spaetzle, broccolini and garlic confit (one of the best version we ever had in a restaurant)

Kraut Rouladen - beef, pork, smoked bacon filled Savoy cabbage with creamed leeks, fingerlings, carrots, greens, mushroom demiglace (another outstanding version of this classic dish)

Double cooked Pork Belly, pear puree, roasted cauliflower, seared treviso, master jus (melting tender with crispy skin, good balance between tart and sweet from the treviso and pear which cut into the richness of the pork belly)

Salzburger Nockerl - fluffy vanilla souffle with blueberry compote, vanilla bean ice cream

Apfel Strudel - apple & hazelnut strudel with whipped cream, toasted almonds, vanilla bean ice cream


nice, never thought I’d see rilettes shaped into quenelles but pleasantly surprised! have you ever tried the jaegerschnitzel at Ludwig’s in San Jose? Wondering how it compares…

We haven’t tried it at Ludwig’s in SJ but that is now closed. We are still having Ludwig’s in MV on our list and will compare in the nearer future

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Looks wonderful! Was this a multi-course meal for two or dinner with multiple diners? This is the first time I’ve seen a report on Naschmarkt with photos, so that’s why I’m curious.

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would have been individual dishes. haven’t been since pre-pandemic, but, recognize these plates. very professional kitchen and staff, patio dining and very good bar and wine program. looking forward to going back.

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That was just a dinner from the regular menu with my wife and our daughter.

Got it, thanks so much!