Nashville Easter weekend

Headed to Nashville from Los Angeles and sure seems like a lot of good stuff going on.
Suggestions high and low end.
Obviously hot chicken, my hotel is around the corner from Hattie B. In
mid town
The trendy seems pretty obvious through eater, thrillist etc. but what are the institutions.
Los Angeles example for a visitor I would suggest
Musso & Franks for at the very least a historic martini and the food is good.
In & Out, because if you never have you should.
Big Bar is one of my nieghborhood local spots.
So it’s a prett broad net I’m tossing.

Get a reservation at Catbird Seat. Now.

Frothy Monkey for breakfast, as well as a great sausage burger. And all around cool place to hangout, esp. for an out-of-towner.

Crema for avocado toast and an Americano or Flat White.

I like Swett’s for a Meat N 3.

For BBQ go to Peg Leg Porker. Because who doesn’t like whiskey with their dry rub 'Q?


Catbird Seat…I missed my window for a reservation dang las week had my preferred times.
Looks like Peg Leg is gonna make up for it
Again thanks fr the recommendations ill be sure yo post my stops.