Navi Kitchen - Emeryville

Kheema Kale pizza with lamb, beef, tomato sauce, Lacinato kale, red onion, mozzarella, parmesan, and cilantro ($22): best Indian pizza I’ve had and one of the better pizzas in the area. Thin, crisp, good flavor to the crust, great mix of toppings.


Wow! I had my first pizza with lamb recently but it had lamb, olives, goat cheese and mint. Awfully good and so does that one of yours.

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Bouli Bar in SF makes a fantastic lamb pizza with Turkish spices and sheep’s milk feta.

How are the non-pizza items?

I only had the pizza. I presume the other dishes are similar to those at Juhu Beach Club, the chef’s other place.

Selected pizzas $10 during Oakland restaurant week (not that they’re in Oakland).

Tasty pies, we ordered one of each $10 Pie at noon during OAKLAND Restaurant Week…went home with slices for dinner…breakfast…dinner.
We’ll return … $20 pies are that good.

Try the lamb pizza now that they’re back to regular prices.

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