Navigation from Individual Thread Back to Regional Board?

Hi Robert,

One request: Is there a way to configure Food Talk Central boards so that when you are in an individual thread (on a specific board, say, for example, “Los Angeles” board), that after you read the thread, you can easily click at the top banner area to be taken back to the specific board you were on (Los Angeles in this case)?

Right now with the board reorganization that just happened, if you’re in an individual thread and finished reading the latest posts in the thread, you see…

[Thread Title] ← Top Banner area
[USA West (Region) in TINY letters], [Los Angeles (City) in TINY letters]

Sure, using a mouse on PC, you can just carefully click on the TINY “Los Angeles” hyperlink area to get back to the LA Board (to see if there are new topics or updated posts), but for usability it’s cumbersome.

Any way to better emphasize the Board you were on, like a LARGER FONT (and thus larger clicking area) for “Los Angeles” while you’re in a thread?


Why not use the browser’s Back command?