Need a fun place for 4 on Sunday @ 4pm between Long Beach and Chatsworth

I would’ve said Smorgasburg but they close at 4. We’ve done Korean BBQ, Cliftons, Steelcraft, and Proud Bird previously.

At the top of our list right now is Chinatown - I’m kind of blanking out on what else is cool. Something like Papa Cristo’s Thursday night thing would be awesome, but obviously this is Sunday @ 4…

Budget is probably around $50pp all in, and that should include some drinks.

Wat Thai Temple food court, North Hollywood. Cheap, fun, and good.

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Stuff that comes to the top of my head that is delicious and good for a small group:

Kobawoo House - KTown
Mantee Café - Studio City
The Park’s Finest - Echo Park

Maybe Little Ethiopia? Genet doesn’t open until later, but some of the other places like Merkato I believe stay open al day.

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We’ve been happy with Lunetta All Day. Should work with your budget too. Their burger has been very good.

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The bill may run perilously close to $50pp, but Father’s Office (Helms) is usually chill on Sundays at 4pm - You might even see me there (please don’t let that dissuade you from going, though :slight_smile: ).


hm this might be the ticket - I haven’t been to FO in close to a decade. Platform is pretty close by (right?) so we can go there after for ice cream or w/e.

Has anything else notable opened up in this Helms Bakery area? Food or otherwise.

Tried Lunetta this weekend for the first time. Food is very good, but the service was… odd. Friendly but very forgetful. Would still go again, though.

Metro Expo Line station
van Leeuwen
Blue Bottle Coffee
EK Valley (closed Sundays)

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Just create your own smorgasburg and Bang^7

Erb → Wurstkuche → salt and straw → marugame monzo → badmaash → kazunori


heh, last time I took them to DTLA we did a bang^4

cliftons / peking tavern / guisados / gelateria uli



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Plan Check - CoFax - Ta-eem

  • for chicken sandwiches, drinks, donuts, smoked hot link breakfast burritos, more donuts, and shawarma

Just thought, CoFax donut offerings may be slim pickings at that time.

I forgot to mention. Beer selection is important - they are beer snobs. Therefore Fathers Office is the ticket so far.

Thanks all for the replies.

FO is definitely solid, but if you want something in DTLA consider Mikkeller.

Thanks @JL for reminding me about FO. It was perfect at 4pm - weather was great, patio was empty. Burger as good as I remembered it, although came out Med instead of MR. Soft shell crab special was fantastic. Old fashioned also on point.


Sweet. That soft-shell crab dish alone is worth the trip. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Probably the best guac I’ve ever had to boot.

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