Need another birthday cake suggestion, this time either in 818 or 661

Here’s the thread last year: So what do y'all actually get at Pâtisserie Chantilly?

This year, I’m geographically locked to north of the 101. I feel that Studio City is probably my best bet for this, but if there’s something closer to the 5/14 interchange that would be ideal…

Thoughts before I end up at Sweet Lady Jane? And if I end up at SLJ, any suggestions for a chocolate cake?

Mey Fung Bakery

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Kievsky cake at Karina’s Cake House.

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I absolutely LOVE Chinese style birthday cakes.

I don’t care how basic they look. The fruit, the cream, I don’t know what it is it always taste so good and just the right amount of sweet that Chinese people stereotypically like.

I know I can’t be the only one that loves Chinese birthday cakes

Especially with taro filling

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I’ve had many taro cakes, so good, save the strawberries and kiwi for me

If you want a classic chocolate birthday cake I’d go with Susiecakes in Studio City. Still my favorite bakery for cakes.

whoa… didn’t expect to see my family’s cake up in here. game over with this one

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Interesting. Everything is so super basic for me over there. Never want them and it’s around the office all the time.

There’s a Sweet Lady Jane in the valley.

Susie Cakes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SLJ

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SLJ = :fire::put_litter_in_its_place:

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What’s a good at Susicakes? I didn’t really love them when I had them at OC Mix or whatever that place is called…

I love me an asian cake as much as the next person, but I need chocolate and for the most part chocolate doesn’t really fit in with asian cakes.

I’m with you. Their cakes and cookies are too dense for me. A notch below Blackmarket and ST Patisserie in the OC.

Their red velvet is my favorite, which is essentially a chocolate cake w/ red coloring.

Just my opinion, but I find Susicakes cakes really sweet.


Chocolate dobash is pretty Asian. Very popular with J.As. and Hawaiian Js. Not too sweet, light and very chocolatey. Unfortunately, Angelmaid and King’s Hawaiian aren’t in your general area.

forgot to say, if I wanted taro cake the ube cake w/ macapuno @ Red Ribbon is far and away my favorite. I can eat this entire thing myself.

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If you need it a weekend in April, I may be able to mule it to you.

I’m curious. Is this for a child? If so, how old?

lol, no this is not for a child. I need this for saturday :joy:

I may just end up doing cupcakes.

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